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SUREFIRE is an innovative, one-of-a-kind event which is created BY GIRLS and FOR GIRLS! We look to girls first for our content, outreach and the topics we curate for mainstage and workshops.  It’s all about you! In doing so, we bring together the resources of your local community for one special day – to offer these workshops, skills and unique learning activities!

Surefire Girls Event
Surefire Girls Event
Surefire Girls Event
Surefire Girls Event


We exist to connect girls to resources that can help them navigate their way to success.  You can think of us as a Spotlight.  We spotlight nationally recognized talent and female leaders on our mainstage, while we also showcase all that a city has to offer, ideally sparking an ecosystem that can grow stronger and more interconnected each year.  We also offer a parent and/or caregiver track covering topics like college, hard conversations and more.

Showcases organizations and experts in a girl’s own community

Offers fun, interactive and informative workshops on topics chosen by girls

Connects girls from different high schools and backgrounds to form new friendships

Creates a fun and exciting atmosphere through vibrant visuals, formats, and activities

Provides professional female mentors for girls


Our workshops include fun, informative topics like:

Geek is Chic
Red Carpet Ready
Hey Mirror: I’m Awesome
Stand Your Ground!

We started in Los Angeles in 2013 and 2014 but now we’re heading to UTAH!

Click below to check out this year’s event.

Surefire Event Locations in US

Check out our video from LA


We are always on the lookout for our next expansion city. SUREFIRE is made to travel and we hope to not only go across the US each year, but also take our program around the globe.  What it takes is: A locally based champion who can bring the influence and financial capacity to fuel our cause, as well as a strong network to help us hit the ground running.

If you can bring those to us – we can bring SUREFIRE to you.Click below for more ways to get involved.


Next stop, Utah!



Ages 11-
receives mentorship from SUREFIRE Girls


Ages 15 – 18
mentors SPITFIRE Girls


Ages 19 – 24
mentors SUREFIRE Girls


Ages 25+
mentors WILDFIRE Girls

Our series for girls, SPITFIRE, SUREFIRE, WILDFIRE and BONFIRE for women, forms a mentorship ladder. We believe we lost something when we transitioned from sitting around the fire where wisdom was passed down from generation to generation. FIRE conferences aim to be the world’s leading convener of forums where girls, teens, and young women come together for inspiration, conversation, and life skills information relevant for today’s challenges. These are the new rites of passage.

*We plan to expand and include boys programs in the future.

We believe in 3 main attitudes for success at a SUREFIRE event (and beyond!)

Discover Your Own Awesome

Celebrate Other Girls’ Awesome

Cultivate an Abundance Mentality

Heather Mason

The Five

Heather Mason, Founder

I owe much of my success, besides to my family, to the five people who serendipitously entered into my life and changed the course of it entirely. They gave me the skills I needed to succeed. Skills I would not have learned otherwise. This enabled me to start my own company which produces events all over the world, Caspian Agency.

SUREFIRE is the result of my experience and the belief that we should not leave girls’ futures to the whim of serendipity. There are plenty of programs for girls. The issue is they are never together at once to show the magnitude of opportunities in a given community. SUREFIRE was created to fill that gap and showcase all that is available in a city, in one place, for one amazing day.


We would not be where we are today without the incredible support of our initial FIRESTARTERS.

Pat Mitchell

Pat Mitchell

Linda Rottenberg

Linda Rottenberg

Jean Kilbourne

Jean Kilbourne

Peter Samuelson

Peter Samuelson

Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Jackie Zehner

Jackie Zehner

Amanda de Cadenet

Amanda de Cadenet

Madeline Di Nonno

Madeline Di Nonno

Geena Davis

Geena Davis