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Don’t let that fire go out! College and the beginning of your career is the time to let your fire truly spread. Join the mentorship ladder by supporting our SUREFIRE and SPITFIRE girls, but don’t forget about yourself. As you leave for the real world, ask yourself, what’s on your mind? How would you like to impact the world, and how is the world impacting you? WILDFIRE will help you spread your influence to the real world-- for the better.

The 2014 WILDFIRE program is our debut sneak peek. We are limiting this year’s program to only 50 attendees, who will give us feedback and help us build the program for 2015. Sign up today to become a part, and let your voice be heard!

Surefire returns on The International Day of the Girl:
October 11th, 10am – 5pm, Santa Monica, CA


9am - 10am

Registration Open

10am - 11:30am

Opening Session

11:30am - 12:3pm

Workshops #1 (for ALL ages groups: SPITFIRE, SUREFIRE, WILDFIRE, BONFIRE)

12:30pm - 2pm

Lunch and Special Main Stage Presentation

2pm - 3pm

Workshops #2 (for ALL ages groups: SPITFIRE, SUREFIRE, WILDFIRE, BONFIRE)

3pm - 4pm

Workshops #3 (for ALL ages groups: SPITFIRE, SUREFIRE, WILDFIRE, BONFIRE)

4pm - 5pm

Closing Session

5pm - 5:30

Exhibit Hall, photo booth, gift bags and much more

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Ages 19 - 24

WILDFIRE workshops are all about the college woman or recent grad. Topics during the day will include internships, relationships, career planning, and money, and a good dose of fun!

I’m looking forward to asking a lot of the questions I have about getting out into the real world!”



Conference Workshops


Chella Diaz

Chella’s fascination with how the wealthy handled their money began at an early age. She was inspired to begin saving at the age of nine and by the age of 17 purchased her first car and her first house at the age of 23. With over 20 years in the banking and finance industry, Chella witnessed the struggles and misinformation many people had regarding a basic understanding of money management. Now Chella is passionate about equipping the next generation with skills that empower them to take control of their financial future.


Aamina Norris

Aaminah Norris, the Director of Education for The Representation Project, will receive her doctorate in Education from the University of California, Berkeley in 2014. Her research and teaching interests include 1) ways that emerging technologies influence the literacy practices of students from traditionally under-resourced communities, the relationships between gendered and racialized identity processes in urban learning environments and the use of digital and social media, and how 21st century critical pedagogical approaches inform the learning of African American and Latino/a students. Equity in social science research is central to Aaminah’s scholarship and is reflected in both her research and teaching practice. Her commitment to ensuring equitable education for historically marginalized students’ stems from her experiences as an educator both in urban schools and at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to study at the University, Aaminah was an administrator in urban schools and not for profit agencies for 15 years. Additionally, she taught English and Theater Arts to predominately African American middle school students at an urban school for six years. Aaminah is a Digital Media and Learning Research Associate, and Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology, Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC) Scholar.


Crystal Ogar

Crystal Ogar, is a Gender and Women’s studies and Critical Sexuality Studies student at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She is an outspoken and outgoing feminist and womanist as well as a facilitator for an LGBT youth group called Rainbow Youth and Allies, offering adult supervision to a twice-a-month social gathering of lesbian, gay, transgender, and questioning youth between the ages of 12 and 22. The group offers a safe space for young people to be themselves in an open, caring, and accepting environment. RYA was the recipient of the 2012 Youth Award from the Maryland Coalition of Families. In addition to RYA, Crystal is the SPARK Action Squad Coordinator for SPARK Movement. She was featured on a panel called The Digital Lives of Girls and Mirror Image: The New Way to Self- Esteem at the 2012 & 2014 Women in the World Summit. She is an activist who enjoys breaking stereotypes, talking back, and believes that together we can change the world.





We’re at a new stage in global commerce where companies no longer care only about selling a product-- they want to Do Good. Come find out why companies are so eager to help not just their consumers, but the world, with Give Back Commerce. Participants will put their missions and products on display via booths in the Exhibit Hall, and show guests what it means to truly DO GOOD. Next year we're hoping to create a village just for some of these special organizations.


We need girls in government, and what better way than to start with local leaders? Mayors, we would be honored if you would support our Mayor Consortium to show our girls why everyone’s voice matters. Please submit a bio and photograph for showcase on the SUREFIRE website, and be prepared for speaking opportunities to start flowing your way.

Pam O'Connor

Throughout nearly two decades, Mayor Pam O’Connor has championed policies and partnerships that enhance community livability and wellbeing. She is particularly interested in issues that advance mobility, transportation and sustainability. Mayor O’Connor serves on the Los Angeles County Metro Board where she leads Metro’s Sustainability Committee and chairs its Planning and Programming Committee. Pam O’Connor is also Chair of the Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority Board that oversees building of the light rail line that extends from Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica. In 2012 as President of the Southern California Association of Governments, the nation’s largest metropolitan planning organization, she led the 84-member Regional Council in the unanimous adoption of the region’s first Sustainable Communities Strategy. She holds Master’s degrees in Planning and in Technology Management from Eastern Michigan University and a B.S. in Communications from Southern Illinois University. Mayor O’Connor views community wellbeing as the natural next step in the evolution of local government, as well as a way to advance the connection between mobility and sustainability issues by looking at their impact through the lens of humans flourishing.


Meghan Sahli-Wells

Elected to the City Council in 2012, Meghan Sahli-Wells is Mayor of Culver City. As a mother of two boys in Culver City public schools, and having cared for an elderly relative, Meghan learned first hand the importance of city services and engaged personally with many of the challenges our community faces. She has a passion for analyzing complex issues and encouraging community engagement, with the ultimate goal of finding ideas that promote a resilient and sustainable city.

Meghan holds two Bachelor’s degrees from UCLA, in World Arts and Cultures and French. She has traveled extensively studying visual anthropology, conducting sociological research, and working as an English/French translator and volunteer teacher. Meghan’s collective photography project with children in a Madagascar orphanage and community center revealed the importance of community interdependence and our relationship to natural resources. While living in Paris for nine years, she learned about urban density, efficient and alternative modes of transit, and how city planning can improve quality of life.



Heather Mason

Heather is the Founder of SUREFIRE girls and Firebrand Concepts, LLC. This marks a dream come true which was started with her conference company, A Caspian Production, Inc in 2005. Caspian produces conferences mainly in the social good space, but working with teens has always been a goal of hers based on her teenage years in Idaho. Heather's experience spans the movie industry (Fox 2000, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival), dot com (ShowBIZdata, Broadstream, UltraDNS) and financial industry (Charles Schwab Events Management). Since starting Caspian, she's had the honor of working on the Skoll World Forum, Omidyar Network's annual forum and Endeavor's Global Entrepreneur Summit. She sits on the board of CORO Northern California, and the San Diego Zoo Biomimicry Advisory Board. More information can be found on the Caspian website.


Michelle Ellison

Michelle Ellison, Surefire's Content Program Manager, has been working closely with all of Surefire's partner and speaker relationships.  Working to bring together a variety of individuals and topics to inspire, educate and inform girls and parents alike. Michelle has been with A Caspian Production since early 2011 working primarily with clients in Speaker Management and Project Management. She now serves as Caspian’s Operation Manager overseeing all events produced by A Caspian Production. Michelle’s projects extend from Oxford’s annual Skoll World Forum to Endeavor’s Entrepreneur Summit.


Jackie Garcia

Jackie Garcia, Surefire 2014 Project Lead, has been working closely with the Surefire Team to develop and spread the Surefire message in every way! In 2013, she established the SUREFIRE Ambassador Program and created strong outreach partnerships with the community – they continue to grow today.

Jackie has been in the project management industry for the past 2 years and works as support and/or lead on all conferences produced by A Caspian Production. Some of the Caspian projects include managing video/media at Oxford’s annual Skoll World Forum and was project lead at Sam Harris’ Lecture Tour (LA and SF). Jackie’s background also extends to film coordination including films such as We Bought A Zoo, No Good Deed, and various independent films.

Jackie also shows her support for women empowerment through her work with her college alumni group, Hermanas Unidas at CSUF. With this organization, Jackie is able to mentor and advise over 50 young girls every year.


Myrna Medina

Myrna Medina, Surefire’s Director of Marketing, has been working closely with Surefire’s Media Partners to develop collaborations to further the mission of empowering girls by bringing them all under one roof to inspire, share, and most importantly give girls a place to ask the questions they want to ask. Myrna also works closely with Surefire’s Director of Content and the Outreach Manager to help spread the word about Surefire.

Myrna is project lead for events produced by A Caspian Production. With over 8 years project management experience, Myrna’s clients include Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Nike, Inc.


Alyssa Batu

Alyssa is the Registration Manager of SUREFIRE Girls and A Caspian Production. SUREFIRE Girls means a lot to Alyssa as she has had similar involvement with other programs like the Key Volunteers Network with the Marine Corp Base in Camp Pendleton, CA, the Denim Drive with Lucky Brand Jeans, Eagle Rock Community Center - Music and Visual Art Showcase for At Risk Youth, and Camp Happy Days in her home state of South Carolina. Alyssa's experience in community involvement and genuine customer experiences spans from many different industries including: retail operations (American Eagle, Oakley, Aldo Groupe, Lucky Brand Jeans), real estate and finance (BRE Properties, ESSEX Property Trust), start up sales consulting (promoSPARK), and social media and film (Adaptive Studios). She's a member of the Surfrider Foundation, Life Rolls On, and is active in connecting and sourcing local artists with new restaurant growth in Los Angeles and Charleston, SC.


Katie Howmann

Kate Howmann is the Ambassador Program and Outreach Manager for SUREFIRE Girls. She also serves as the administrative assistant for A Caspian Production and assisting with all Caspian produced events. Kate’s background includes serving as Loyola Marymount University Event Operations Manager for the over four years, including events for Jesuit Priests, Partnership Scholars Program, and Center for Talented Youth Summer Program with over 600 attendees.

Although new to Surefire this year, Kate has been able to develop and grow the Surefire Ambassador Program this year in new directions. Kate continuously interacts with our Ambassadors to get their feedback on the conference and exposes them to great opportunities including being Junior Judges at the upcoming LA Chic Launchers event. Outreach to schools and the community has been another focus for Kate, by developing relationships with local organizations and schools.



Looking to be a leader in an event dedicated to inspire and empower every girl to be SUREFIRE? SUREFIRE Girls Ambassador Program is designed to assist and cultivate the leaders of the SUREFIRE movement!

Interested? Send us an email: ambassadors@surefiregirls.com

Kaeli Jacobs

Kaeli is one of our Surefire Ambassadors and she is Surefire because she believes her myself and in helping others believe and empower themselves. Kaeli loves fashion and music, and one day would love to have a career both fields. In addition, Kaeli hopes to be able to give back to others by being there for them, helping them find who they are and embracing it.


Miribel Tran

Miribel is a senior and a SUREFIRE Ambassador. A writer for Huffington Post and mental health researcher, she spends her time advocating for youth awareness of local and global issues, such as the harmful psychological effects of social media, eco-friendly practices, and effects of corporate influence. She is a self-proclaimed animal lover and enjoys spending her free time reading, doing yoga, and being in the outdoors. In the future, she hopes to major in neuroscience and eventually work for the United Nations in developing & implementing environmentally sustainable practices and global health measures.


Jennifer Reynoso

Jennifer Reynoso is the girl who is always smiling. With her inviting demeanor, engaging energy, and genuine smile, she allows others the opportunity to truly be themselves around her. She spends her time playing the guitar and viola, only stopping the mixes of music to pick up a basketball with her varsity girls. She's a high school senior and is currently working on becoming one of the first in her family to graduate from college.



Sienna recently joined Surefire. Sienna’s hobbies include reading, bike riding, and playing games. Her talents are any type of math, being able to pronounce every dinosaur name, and knowing everything there is to know about sharks. A fun fact about Sienna is that she has a pet cat and dog that happen to get along just fine. Another fun fact about Sienna is that she was the fifth grade Valedictorian. Sienna’s future goals are to attend University of New South Wales in Australia and major in law. She then will strive to become a lawyer. She gives back by working at day cares, volunteering at animal rescues and doing anything else she can to help her community.

Sienna is Surefire because she loves to help people find their way through bad situations. She loves to see people doing as well as they can and she thinks that Surefire is the perfect fit for a personality like that.


Tina Zavala

Ernestina Zavala is our newest Wildfire Ambassador! Ernestina, who also goes by Tina, is about to commence her college career in the California Bay area. Tina is CEO and Founder of B U Fully Cosmetics, a socially conscious organic cosmetic line intended to help and inspire women of all ages to feel confident and beautiful.



Anisa is a very outgoing person with hopes and dreams of one day becoming the CEO of an eco-friendly cosmetics company. In her free time she enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, and trying out new restaurants. Anisa is extremely passionate about giving back to her community and her dream is to start an organization that helps low-income families prepare their children for the future. Overall, Anisa has very high hopes for her future.





We partner with well-known non-profits and for-profits to offer content and spotlight the good work they do.

If you contact our partners directly, they have access to special SUREFIRE Girl's Conference discounts!



If you sign up for our Surefire Supporter Ticket you'll be recognized as a SUREFIRE supporter on our website! Ticket includes attendance for (1) to SUREFIRE 2014 (Girl or adult) In the spirit of buy one give one, for every supporter ticket purchased, SUREFIRE will provide a scholarship for one girl to attend.

Our current SUREFIRE Supporters include:
Dawn Perdew
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